difference between mat and reformer

04 Feb difference between mat and reformer

Whenever I used to mention the Reformer to people who aren’t experienced with Pilates, I would have a lot of trouble explaining what the machine did. All I knew was that it was a weird looking machine that people seemed to really enjoy being on. Over the years though, I have had the privledge of taking several Reformer classes and have had a new found view about the machine. It’s no longer weird looking, but beautiful and elegant now that I know what it can do for different bodies.

The Reformer is a carridge that moves forward and backward on rollers and uses springs for resistance. It also has a variety of other attachments for different movements and exercises. On the mat you are supporting your body’s weight while doing each piece, which can be great for getting to know your own body, but it can also inhibit the range of motion you are able to acheive. With the Reformer, your body’s weight is supported by the carridge allowing you to either simplify the movements if you are a beginner or challenging yourself even more once you gain more strength and flexibility. Since your weight is supported by the carriage, it can take a lot of pressure off of troublesome joints during the exercises which gives you more opportunities to improve your pilates practice!

This amazing machine is wonderful for correcting muscular imbalances, joints and giving your body a challenging workout! And you look elegant and graceful while doing so, which I have always loved. Don’t let the appearance of the machine steer you away from giving it a shot! I’m very happy I didn’t.

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